Building the

Pura Vida Sanctuary

Build the first Pura Vida Sanctuary and Operations in Costa Rica. A safe paradise for former stray animals and humans who want to be the change we want for this amazing world.

Spread the Pura Vida to help others through the process to be the change we want to see in this amazing World. Open self sustaining Villas at the Sanctuary for visitors to stay. Hiring local people for the operations.



Animals Rescued


Casitas & Villas
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What We Do

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Educate and help the communities in need to give an ethical treat to their animals. Neuter to prevent more abandonment situations.

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Help and relocate former abandoned animals with forever homes. Helping other amazing local organizations.



Stray animals don't get enough attention in Central America and dozens of them are abandoned by humans every day. Our mission is to rescue as many wandering souls as we can from a terrible fate on the roads.

meet our residents

tito-pura vida sanctuary


Mr Tito is a former stray. He is two years old now and the model...
mila pura vida sanctuary


Miss Mila is one of our first successful makeovers and relocation; we want to believe...
brownie and pinto pura vida sanctuary

Brownie & Pinto

These curious boys were saved from their horrible fate in a milk farm where just...

Become a Volunteer and Save More Animals

We need volunteer help to take care of animals including taking them on walks, engaging with them and providing lots of love.

Our Campaigns


Save The Streets

There is a terrible number of abandoned animals in the roads and streets of Costa Rica; they live all their lives waiting to be loved, fed and protected. We need to pick them up and give them a chance! With your help we are able to send our brigades to rescue these souls from a horrible end, neuter them and work on relocating them with loving families in need of the most grateful love and companionship.


Sponsor The Sanctuary

We believe that all animals deserve a chance to be loved and protected! With your support we are creating a safe paradise for these souls while we are treating them, during their rehabilitation and the process of finding forever homes for them. Those cases harder to relocate will stay with us, living the time of their lives. 


Fix Our Friends

We believe in our people! With your help we'll reach the communities with more challenges and help their animals, neuter and bring medical attention to those who are not seen as a priority yet. We will bring awareness, support to those families and guide them through how to treat their furry members with love and respect. 


Latest Sanctuary News

I wasn't looking for forever love but that's what I...
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The 3 Puppies
These puppies were found in the trash by workers who...
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How To Find Us

Pura Vida Sanctuary

Avenida de las Palmas
Tamarindo, 50309, Costa Rica

Pura Vida Foundation - 501(3)(c) Non-Profit

7080 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90028 USA

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