Why Volunteer

Heroes come in a huge variety of shapes! And this planet needs more people like you;


How can you become a volunteer?

Let us know your strengths and we'll find you the perfect way to help Pura Vida Sanctuary! Our amazing resident souls need you, so we do. Volunteering goes from getting your hands dirty by helping us rescuing and rehabilitating stray animals, helping the medical team to treat them, helping us to relocate and find forever homes for the recovered ones, to helping us fundraising for specific causes and goals. You can help us from home or you can be part of Pura Vida Sanctuary by coming and staying with us for a season, you can work directly with the animals, with the people and different kinds of duties we'll find for you to accomplish the best volunteering time of your life.

You, yes you! can help us to save lots of lives!

We can all be heroes!

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Our team is a passionate, creative, dedicated and determined group of individuals fully committed to the Pura Vida Sanctuary mission.

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