These puppies were found in the trash by workers who were taking care of an unused land. Those incredible humans provided water and food for them and took them to a shelter to try to save them. Unfortunately the shelters sometimes reach their maximum capacity and for a moment the future of the puppies was in danger. A friend took one of the puppies home with him.

Fortunately these incredible people didn’t have the heart to abandon the puppies again and one of them took the skinny babies home where they hope to help the little brothers recover and find forever homes that will love them.

This hero already has eight more rescued dogs and sadly can’t keep the brothers but he is the first hero in these little souls’ lives. \
Who would be the next one?

We sent puppy food and they are stoked! Now we need to help their foster family to take them for medical care; they are very skinny and in need of the basic medical attention such as deworming, dehydration checking and first vaccines.

DM if you want to help!

These puppies are in Guanacaste Costa Rica but remember there are lots of stray animals in need of love everywhere!

When they were found by the workers.

Now we need to give them medical attention and look for forever homes for them.

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