I wasn’t looking for forever love but that’s what I found.

A friend sent me a picture of three red hair kittens found in a plastic bag on the way to be discarded in a river. They were very tiny, roughly four weeks old. I didn’t think I was ready to be a mom but I took my chances and took two of them home; the other one was taken by a supermarket owner who claimed to have a mice situation in his business.

Huguito (top left) and his brothers when rescued on the way to be discarded at the river.

One of my kittens was gorgeous, I convinced a very close friend to keep him and make him his perfect companion, he did and they were very happy together. I kept the skinny one, not as gorgeous as his brother but this one was going to be with me forever. I promised him no matter what, no matter how, no matter anything I was going to take care of him for the rest of his life, and he didn’t have to be afraid anymore. Nobody was ever going to hurt him again, he would never starve, he wasn’t going to be out on a rainy night and he wasn’t going to be crying for water on another hot day. I promised him I was going to do anything in my hands to make it up to him for the horrible days we humans made him go through. I told him I understood he wanted to be with his mom even for one more day but I didn’t know how to find her; and I felt deeply sad for his mom’s fate too.

I named him Hugo but since the first day I called him Huguito. He is two years old now, the oldest brother among three amazing souls with whom I share my roof. He is my first love, Huguito came to my life to save me and provide for all the love I never thought I was going to have from anyone. He is with me every moment I’m home, has his own spot next to me at my desk, sleeps next to me and never misses a bathroom call in the middle of the night, he always try to convince me to let him have peanuts no matter how hard.

Today with his plants.

I try to explain him that’s no good for him, everyone in the vet clinic loves him even if he is kind of grumpy all the times. He is always watching over me during the day and protecting me at nights. I really wish he doesn’t remember his first weeks in this world and try to make each of his days with me as special and magical as he makes my life since we are together.

You too! Give yourself a chance, adopt your soulmate.

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